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Rock Of Faith LLC/Rock-w-J&D

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Landscaping Services Tailored to Your Needs

Rock OF Faith LLC/Rock-w-J&D provides complete landscaping services. We'll ensure that your yard looks fantastic while providing attentive customer care. Get in touch with us today to ask for your on-site estimate.

Lawn Mower

Our Landscaping Options

We'll weed your flower beds, mow your grass, and edge your entire yard. If you need a tree pruned, we'll take care of that while removing all leftover cuttings upon request. Count on us to put down Weed & Feed, or another fertilizer of your choice. The first time we come out, we'll provide you with an estimate. After that, we'll charge a monthly fee to come out on a weekly basis. As your go-to landscaping company, we always show up when we're scheduled to, and we get the job done right.

Pay Your Invoice